Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Numbers Riddle

In the post before this one, I posted a homework word problem.  This time, I am going to post a math "riddle" that my son did for extra credit.

I didn't work out the math.  But he told me the answer.

And I hope it's the right one or...awkward. 

Go ahead, I'll wait while you try it.  


My tens digit is the 26th prime minus 96,
But if you’re incapable of that,
It’s also the 3rd square minus the 2nd square,
Says my epic CAT…. Brand calculator.

My thousands digit when multiplied with my units,
Should equal an odd number,
Now subtract [400-(10-(300x3-895)-5+5),
And you’ll get it you humbler!!

My ten thousands digit is really quite simple,
So let me give you a break,
Take the 3rd prime and square it, and minus twenty,
And you’ll get the digit, break’s a plenty!

Figuring out the one’s place,
Shall be no fun at all,
Sum the first 3 squares, add one, subtract 16, and add 7! (Including 0)
That’ll give you the answer quick!!

Last but not least, my hundreds digit,
Not an easy one,
Take (400- the first 3 primes-386),
And you’ve got it done!!

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