Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to do nothing and impress your teacher

So my son does his reading in a group that will sometimes get pulled from their regular classroom. This group often goes to the library for their lesson.

Today they were reading a book “How to be a perfect person in just 3 days.”

For part of the book the character has to do nothing for 24 hours.

To recreate this for their group the teacher had them do nothing for 5 min.

After the 5 min the teacher asked them to fill out a form on what they heard, saw and thought about during that time

B said:

He thought about pie

He heard the library teacher

He noticed that the big grey things behind Bilal made him look like an elephant.

The teacher said that “it was impossible to believe that B could do nothing for a full hour”

To which he responded:

“When I was sitting on the couch doing nothing for an hour once, and my mom told me to go to my room or the basement because she couldn’t stand looking at me being pathetic doing nothing.”


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