Thursday, October 21, 2010

He's got it all figured out, for now.

One morning B mentioned how many facebook people "liked" a computer game he was playing. This was the first time I encountered him even being able to get into something facebook related. He's only 7 so obviously I don't want him to get involved. I don't think I have to worry quite yet.

B "Hey there's 33,452 people who like this game on facebook"

Me "I don't ever want you clicking anything that has facebook on it"

B "I wouldn't do that"

Me "Ok, good because you're too young"

B "Why would I want to talk to a bunch of people I don't know from around the world?"

Me "Well facebook is used a lot for people you do know, Twitter is more for people you don't"

Keep in mind that I am fashionably eating Count Chocula at my computer, in my pajamas, while we are discussing this. In other words, ubber hotness.

B "Well I wouldn't do it anyways because it's all full of a bunch of freaks"

Count Chocula was kept from hitting the computer screen. But barely.

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